5 useful colour contrast tools

Jon Woodcock
2 min readNov 16, 2022

Good colour contrast between foreground and background elements makes content easy to read and understand. It also increases the accessibility of a website, which is particularly important for colour blind or low-vision users.

Good contrast can help people distinguish between similar colours and make it easier to identify links, buttons, and other interactive elements on your webpage.

Here are my top 5 colour contrast tools.

1. WebAIM Online Contrast Checker Tool

Web Aim contrast checker

Web Aim contrast checker is a great way to check your colour contrast. This tool makes it easy to make sure that your text and background colours are accessible for all readers.


2. Colour Contrast Checker

Colour Contrast Checker

I like the colour contrast tool. You can see how colour contrasts affect font readability and what fonts work well to give the user the best experience possible.


3. Adobe Color

Adobe Color

Adobe has a excellent accessibility tools. For example, you can check colour contrast. If you don’t know if your colour is going to work, adobe also provides contrast suggestions to ensure the colours you use are accessible for the users.


4. Randoma11y


Need help finding the right colour combination for your next project? Randoma11y pairs beautiful colour combinations that are accessible. Perfect for you next project.


5. A11y - Color Contrast Checker

A11y — Color Contrast Checker

A personal favourite of mine, and if you use Figma. A11y — Color Contrast Checker is a great tool to ensure your text adheres to WCAG standards.


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