5 Chrome extension for UX Designers

Jon Woodcock
3 min readMar 1


UX Designers all have their favourite tools, but the truth is no one tool is perfect, but there are always new tools emerging in the design world. If you haven’t already, look at these 5 chrome extensions to see if they can add value to your next project or business.

  1. Loom
Image shows me using Loom to record some button animation,
Getting ready to record some button interactions in Loom.

Loom is a screen recording extension that lets UX designers quickly record their screen, add voiceovers, and share the video with others. This is useful for quickly sharing design ideas or demonstrating how a website or application works.

2. WhatFont

Image show me finding out what font is used on onepagelove.com
Finding out what font is used on onepagelove.com

This extension lets you identify fonts on a webpage simply by hovering over the text. This is particularly useful for identifying specific fonts or finding font inspiration for your own designs.

3. Axe DevTools

Using axe to test my portfolio website. To make sure its accessible.
Using axe to test my portfolio website.

The axe DevTools is a Chrome extension that helps developers and UX designers improve website accessibility. It gives real-time feedback and identifies accessibility issues like color contrast, missing text, and keyboard navigation problems.


4. Skimmet

Image shows me using Skimmet to test IKEA website.
Skimmet being used on IKEA.com

Skimmet is a powerful browser extension that helps evaluate the skimmer-friendliness of your website. Whether you’re a UI/UX designer, content writer, or data visualization expert, this extension is a must-have tool in your arsenal.

5. Muzli

Image showing Muzli landing screen showcasing a wide range of fresh inspiration.
Muzli delivering fresh inspiration.

Muzli is a Chrome extension that provides UX designers with a daily dose of design inspiration. It curates the latest design news, UI/UX trends, and showcases to offer a continuous stream of fresh and innovative ideas for your work.

Oliver Twist saying please sir, may I have some more?

Bonus: Notion Web Clipper

A image of the Disney website being captured by Notion Web Clipper.
Bookmarking Disney website for future research.

If you’re an avid user of Notion, you’ll definitely want to add the Notion Web Clipper to your arsenal of tools! This handy Chrome extension lets you save web pages and content directly to your Notion account, making it easy to keep all your notes, ideas, and research organized in one place

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